Press Release: Marketing a Small Business in 2012: Free Coffee Break Advice

Sydni Craig-Hart, founder of Smart Simple Marketing, announced that they will be hosting weekly expert conversations with professionals who will help small business owners implement simple, profitable marketing strategies in 2012. These “Take 10″ ten-minute coffee breaks will be offered free on the company blog and podcast channel.

Emeryville, CA (PRWEB) January 05, 2012 – Smart Simple Marketing, a San Francisco Bay Area marketing coaching firm, will be featuring industry experts over the course of 2012 to offer free, ten-minute “coffee break” interviews. These interviews will provide expert marketing advice to small business owners and service professionals who want to increase their profits and get new clients this year.

Sydni Craig-Hart, the founder, said, “Small business owners are looking for actionable and practical ideas that they can put into place right away to get new clients or increase their profits. They don’t always have 45 minutes or an hour to spend learning from their mentors. This is a way to get simple, practical, actionable information into their hands FAST!”

Every Thursday, starting January 12, Craig-Hart’s weekly “Take 10” coffee break will be posted on the Smart Simple Marketing blog. In it, she’ll interview an industry expert on a specific marketing topic to give business owners an action plan that they can implement right away. The interview will be recorded and posted on the Smart Simple Marketing Podcast channel.

Some of the professionals who will be featured on these short interviews include experts in social media, search engine marketing, organization, email marketing, public relations and many more.

Craig-Hart said, “I’m really excited about the talent and knowledge our experts have! Each of these short interviews will tackle a specific topic, like how to get corporate clients, optimize your website or create more visibility online and provide the listener with a simple plan they can put into practice right away. It’s a great opportunity for time-starved entrepreneurs to put an effective marketing strategy in place to start the New Year off right.”

Those interested in gaining access to these free interviews can subscribe to the blog or podcast channel.

About Smart Simple Marketing

Smart Simple Marketing was founded in 2005 as a marketing virtual assistance firm. Today they are a full-service marketing coaching and consulting firm, specializing in helping small service professional organizations to quickly and effectively create more money in their business and gain new clients. They have a series of do-it-yourself tools, group and individual coaching plans available. For more information, contact them through their website or by calling toll-free 800-283-0954.


Make Your Online Article Marketing and Press Releases Matter

Article marketing and press releases can be a fantastic way to spread the word about you and your services, and can really help establish you as an expert. But you don’t want your content that you spend time writing to fall flat. There are ways that you can make your content really effective. Here’s a few ways to get started:

Write to your ideal reader

If you’re trying to be all things to all people, chances are your messages aren’t targeted to a specific person and their needs. When you try to go too broad with your articles or press releases, there is less of a chance of someone actually being interested in what you’re saying. It’s far better to write your content with a specific person in mind – that way, it’s like you’re giving advice to one of your friends or clients, and you can be more “real” with your message. Really work on writing to that one specific ideal client or target, and you’ll find your articles and releases will be much better.

Say something relevant

Once you have that ideal person that you’re writing to, it will be much easier to give the information that will be meaningful to them. What are their challenges? What are your clients who are like that person asking you regularly? What’s happening in your business that would be of interest to that person? This is all fodder for you to write about in your articles or in your releases. Imagine that you’re giving targeted advice to that person’s needs and you’re letting them know about your new service or product offerings. These are all articles and releases waiting to happen – especially if they’re written in a way that’s relevant to that ideal client.

Streamline distribution

If you are currently submitting your content manually – sending articles and releases for distribution one at a time – you’re probably spending a lot of time on this particular task. What a waste! Instead, use a tool like SubmitYourArticle to send your article to many distribution sites at once, and something like PRWeb to send out your releases. Of course, there may be other specialty websites that you want to submit to manually, but your goal is to streamline as much of the process as you possibly can.

Distributing articles and releases online can be an inexpensive and super-effective way to market your business. Personally, it’s worked phenomenally well in generating new opportunities for me, and I strongly encourage virtually every entrepreneur and small businessperson I meet to give it a shot. Use some of the strategies above and hopefully you’ll find this type of marketing to be as effective for you as it has been for me!

Joshua Zerkel, Productivity Strategist, is a Certified Professional Organizer® and the founder of Custom Living Solutions the San Francisco Bay Area’s premier productivity and organizing consulting firm, and he’s the creator of the Profitable Productivity System. Josh specializes in helping entrepreneurs and small businesses find easy ways to get control of their space, information, time, and technology so they can reduce stress and boost their productivity – and their profits. Visit Custom Living Solutions and get instant access to Josh’s exclusive Special Report “The 7 Must-Have Productivity Systems” and schedule your complimentary “Eliminate the Chaos” strategy session!


Beyond Press Releases | How to Optimize Your Newsroom for Increased Traffic and Links

Every company with a website is a publisher. The more forward-thinking companies today are embracing that concept. They’re transforming their online newsrooms from press release archives into dynamic information hubs that aren’t just about them, but about their industry and the topics their customers care about.

The Imperial Sugar Company newsroom is a prime example of a company thinking like a publisher. The newsroom features a sugar industry newsfeed and stories written for the newsroom by journalists.

Cisco’s pioneering News@Cisco newsroom is another example, albeit on a much larger scale. News@Cisco includes feature stories written by top journalists, video clips, and easy access to Cisco blogs and social media content, among other elements. You can even receive text-message alerts when new content goes live on the News@Cisco microsite.

A fair amount of News@Cisco content, including a recent article “Can Gaming Change the World?” doesn’t even mention Cisco, its products, or partners. The only reference to Cisco in the gaming story is a mention of broadband Internet connections; Cisco’s long been known as a network technology leader.

So what’s in it for these companies? Here are 5 reasons why you should consider taking your online newsroom beyond press releases:

More traffic

Posting compelling, useful, informative, thought-provoking content in your newsroom can increase traffic. For example, the Imperial Sugar Company newsroom receives far more traffic than the main Imperial Sugar website.

Better search engine rankings via links

Transforming your online newsroom into a dynamic information hub with link-worthy content will help you earn valuable, legitimate links from other sites. Search engines view these links as votes of confidence for your content, which in turn helps boost that content’s position in search engine results. Imperial Sugar Company’s newsroom content in total has earned about four times as many links from external web pages compared to the main Imperial Sugar Company site.

Thought leadership

Making your newsroom content about your industry, and not just about you, shows leadership. It enables your company to start meaningful conversations with its customers, partners, and even competitors. It shows you’re a thought leader.


In the post Enron era, transparency is key to earning customers’ trust. Showcasing social media content, such as Twitter updates related to your company (which anyone on Twitter can write), helps convey the message that your company is open, transparent, and listening to customers.

Generates sales

Offering a dynamic, useful information hub—whether it’s in your newsroom or a resources area on your site—helps you develop an ongoing relationship with customers. Visitors to the site will come back if you offer them valuable information. And the more connected they feel to you, the more likely they are to buy your products and services.

An easy way to get started

Transforming your newsroom into a dynamic information hub requires time and money, of course—something that is in short supply for many businesses. But there are a few simple steps you can take right away that won’t cost you any additional resources. A good place to begin: Write press releases that directly address your customers’ needs rather than trumpeting how great your product or service is. Write your release using natural language, without hype or jargon, and optimize it with the right keywords in the right places.

James A. MartinJames A. Martin is an SEO copywriter and consultant based in San Francisco.